About Us

Floreat Medical opened in September 2002.

Practice Principal Dr Rosanna Capolingua has lived all her life in the area and the practice responds to and is part of the local community as well as providing care to patients outside of the area.

The doctors, nurses and staff of Floreat Medical feel very much connected to the people and provide comprehensive medical and health care of the highest quality.

Floreat Medical stays abreast of issues that may be affecting the community and their health in order to provide the best contemporary advice and care.  We maintain the premises to a very high standard of maintenance, comfort and cleanliness.  We respect that our patients have chosen to come to Floreat Medical and ensure that the environment that they experience, the health care they receive and the interactions they have with those at the practice are the best that we can achieve.

Our mission is to provide the highest standard of patient care whilst incorporating a holistic approach toward diagnosis and management of the patient. Floreat Medical is committed to promoting health, wellbeing and disease prevention to all patients at every opportunity. We provide the environment and systems to support the excellence of patient care and treat our patients with dignity and respect. We teach, we work collaboratively, and we respond to the community.  We do not discriminate in the provision of excellent care.


Medical Records Recalls and Reminders

As part of our dedication to patient care, we use the latest technology to maintain your patient record and integrate within it recall and reminder systems for your best care and your convenience.

Our doctors and nurses use our systems to record what you need and generate recalls for check-ups, investigations, immunisations, and appointments. We will SMS you of your upcoming appointment so that you access the best you care you need in the appropriate timely manner.  Floreat Medical also actively participates in current health issue awareness and education to keep you abreast of the latest information.


We are primarily a private billing practice. Your rebates will cover part of the consultation fee and our systems allow us to process your Medicare bill on the day so that the Medicare rebate is back in your account straight away.

All fees are determined by the consulting doctor and are based on the complexity of the consultation and the treatment required.

  • Standard consultation – $85
  • Long consultation (20mins+) – $170
  • Extended Consult (40mins+) – $235
  • Saturday morning consultations attract a $10 surcharge

You may also request by phone routine prescriptions for certain regular medications, and repeat referrals.  These may be done at the discretion of your doctor if appropriate.  A $15-20 fee may apply.


We highly value every consultation you have with the doctor. All our doctors are highly trained, clinically skilled and keep up to date with ongoing medical professional education. We aim to keep you healthy and well, prevent any future illness or deterioration in your wellbeing, and put in place appointments and screening to detect problems early and put in place appropriate management.  You will be provided with up-to-date and clear medical information that will help you recognise the importance of your health and routine visits when required. This is for the benefit of you and your family’s overall health.

Call us or go on line to make an appointment.  Our receptionists and nurses will assist you and accommodate your needs.