Active August

Its winter but is it also time to focus on the many ways you can be active or become more active? The WA organization of Act Belong Commit has developed a calendar full of evidence-informed tips with known benefits for mental health and wellbeing.

Try something new this month to support and improve your mental health and wellbeing. We are having such a wet winter, so much so that the thought of getting out doors may seem impossible, so look for new indoor activities for those long rainy days. Has your GP at Floreat Medical recommended increasing activity levels, getting involved in stimulating community groups, and doing things which lift your spirits? Well there is no time like the present.

For good mental health: Act – do something! Belong – do something with someone. And Commit – do something meaningful.  If you have concerns about your mental health or physical activity levels then discuss them with your usual doctor in a long consultation. Phone reception on 9387 6000 to book an appointment.