MedicineWise Week

Did you know?

No matter what type of medicines you or your family take, it’s important to know your medicines. If medicines aren’t used correctly, the results can be serious.

  • An estimated 9 million Australians take prescription medicine every day.
  • Each year more than 230,000 Australians are hospitalised with problems caused by their medicine.
  • 61% of Australians have stopped their medicine without consulting their doctor or have not taken medicines as directed


Four Steps to being Medicine Wise:

  1. Ask questions of your doctor to get the information you need about medicines or tests to help you make better informed decisions.
  2. Know the active ingredient as its what makes your medicine work. When your pharmacist offers you an alternative brand of a prescription medicine, it will always have the same active ingredient as the one on your prescription.
  3. Always follow instructions from your doctor and read the labels and packaging of your medicines carefully.
  4. Keep track of all your medicines by making a list and store it in your wallet or handbag. Keep your medicines list with you, especially on visits to your doctor, pharmacist or the hospital.