Our Nursing Team

Nurses - Floreat Medical

We wish to turn a spotlight on our new nursing team with the addition of Brooke, Monique and most recently Meagan to complement our very experienced Flicky (who many of you will know or recognise) and Antonella, who is our Thursday evening practice nurse. Having a strong and cohesive group of Registered Nurses providing excellent patient care is integral to delivery of good outcomes by our clinical services team.

Our nurses assist doctors in providing the following services:

  • Childhood immunisations – using our gold standard of two nurses at one time to give injections to reduce any possible trauma caused by immunising your child aged 6weeks to 5years.
  • Wound dressings – generally provided in treatment room 1 which has the best facilities and stores for repairing lacerations, excision of lesions and skin ulcer management.
  • Immunology and desensitisation – management of you or your child’s allergies through a program of desensitisation prescribed by your dermatologist. We can keep your vials in our vaccination fridge in treatment room 2 which is carefully monitored as part of our cold chain management protocols.

There are a myriad of other services provided on a daily basis by the Practice Nurse team. Say hello next time you are in Floreat Medical.