See your GP!

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Floreat Medical would like to “Thank you” all for helping make Western Australia safe from Coronavirus.

We hope you, your extended family and friends, are all keeping well during these challenging times!

We just want to reach out and thank you for helping keep WA safe by social distancing, working from home, applying consistent hygiene and if necessary, self-isolation.

CovidSafe App

We encourage you to upload the COVIDSafe App. The journey through this COVID-19 Pandemic has a way to go and the COVIDSafe App is an important tool for us to keep on top of this serious infection.

FLOREAT MEDICAL has been providing medical consultations over the phone, or by video conference as well as considered and safe Face-to-Face consultations.

Even at a time like this, when all of us are challenged by a new environment and new priorities, our usual medical problems, risks and concerns still happen.

It is essential that we all stay positive, and do not put ourselves at risk of becoming unwell because we are frightened or put off seeing the doctor.




Telehealth and in person Face-to-Face consultations with your doctor are easy to book at FLOREAT MEDICAL.

In order for us to ensure you have ongoing continuity of care, we offer video or phone consultations that you can access from your own home.

Many patients have found this to be a positive step as they minimise their own exposure for themselves and their loved ones.

There are many examinations and episodes of care, (such as immunisations, wound dressings, cervical screening, ECG’s, etc) that require an in person Face-to-Face consultation with your doctor. Don’t leave a problem that is worrying you unchecked. If you have concern about symptoms, pain, weight loss, or are not feeling like your usual self, don’t delay being seen by your doctor.

If you are due for screening for prostate, breast, bowel or other cancers: don’t delay.

High blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes all need regular screening and follow up and you need qualified medical professional support to manage this as best as possible.

FLOREAT MEDICAL is ensuring that it is a safe place for you to come in and see your GP

As part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please be assured that we are carefully screening all patients who are coming into the practice to see their GP Face-to-Face. We can make that happen with minimal time in the practice, in an isolated room if necessary, and with protective masks and hand sanitizer available.

Our front desk receptionists and nursing team are operating as per usual at the practice and are available to take your call. Please reach out should you need anything! Doctors are still providing the full range of services you need and can still provide prescriptions, referrals, pathology test forms and much more on a telehealth consultation.


If you are vulnerable to Covid-19 and have a Medicare card then you are eligible to be bulk billed under the new Covid-19 item numbers in the Medicare Schedule. If you are experiencing financial hardship because you have lost your job or have had your hours drastically cut due to the Covid-19 pandemic then please discuss the fee with your doctor. We are a private billing practice but these are exceptional times for everyone and as always we are sensitive to your needs.

Our doctors and staff are here for you. Whatever your health needs, see your GP.

Here are two videos which our doctors and staff have put together this week to entice you to make the call to contact us!