Software Conversion

Mental Health - Time for change

For those of our patients who have been into the practice during October, you will have seen the staff and doctors working within the challenging environment of operating a new software system. To those who are coming in November – we are still getting the hang of it!

There have been some steep learning curves for doctors and nurses who haven’t used the new software before at other practices. But with the assistance of those who have, all our doctors are now getting more proficient and adjusting to the new way of doing things. Our aim is to provide more opportunities for patient care and health outcomes by our own data analysis, greater patient engagement on electronic platforms and improving practice efficiencies through utilising the latest technology.

Last week we had our final ‘polishing’ session. This involved lots of discussion, swapping ideas and shortcuts and sharing templates and tips.


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Thank you to every one of our wonderful patients who quietly waited extra time while doctors ran late and receptionists worked out how to print invoices and receipts. Your understanding has been greatly appreciated.