Vaccinating against Covid-19 : How has it been so far?

Coronavirus vaccine injection bottles

At FLOREAT MEDICAL we are concerned about our patients’ health and the health of the wider community. Immunisations are a basic tool to prevent disease and keep our most vulnerable safe. Today’s generations do not recall the severe effect of Polio. We avoid congenital deafness due to rubella in pregnancy, and we try to eliminate the devastation of whooping cough with immunisation of mothers and families surrounding the vulnerable baby.  Meningococcal disease is still reminding us how frightening communicable infections are, and how vaccination can prevent illness, suffering and death.  Vaccinations, whether for children and adolescents under the National Immunisation Program, the annual influenza vaccine program, prevention of pneumococcal disease and pneumonia, ongoing prevention of Tetanus, and now vaccination against COVID 19, are all basic essentials of disease prevention and FLOREAT MEDICAL is responsible to ensure it supports our community in staying safe. The Astra Zeneca and Pfizer vaccines protecting against Covid-19, are currently another part of the schedule providing immunity against the possible long term serious and life threatening consequences of contracting this communicable disease.

Since March this year we have been providing Covid-19 vaccinations through our express Astra Zeneca clinics. As at the end of July 2021, we have conducted 93 AZ clinics in amongst our general practice appointments, as well as 34 Flu clinics. We have another 70 AZ clinics at FLOREAT MEDICAL currently booked to provide the second AZ vaccine in order to complete the immunisation for this  first round of patients by late September. This has significant organisation and effort from management, receptionists, nurses and doctors to co-ordinate the safe and efficient delivery of the vaccinations.

The vast majority of patients in our AZ clinics have been our more senior citizens (Phase 2B). We thank them for being on time, informed and compliant. This has helped the clinics to run very smoothly and even be fun at times for all concerned. The waiting time after the vaccination (15 minutes on average) offers an opportunity for patients of similar age to enquire about the pandemic, comment on their hopes, fears and reactions, and to joke about having the chance to do it all again when they come for their second vaccination.

Via the SmartVax app and our own observations, we have noted some reactions to the vaccine. Some patients experienced tiredness and aches and pains and a very small number of patients had a variety of symptoms including headache, rash or bruising, or something that they discussed with their doctor.

However, over all, this demographic of our patient base has sailed through the vaccination process smoothly and with good humour. If you were one of those Phase 2B patients who has attended Floreat Medical for your first Astra Zeneca vaccine then we look forward to seeing you again for your second shot!

FLOREAT MEDICAL takes its role in supporting and caring for our community very seriously. We aim to always have the patient’s best interest as our first priority. We keep abreast of the latest information in order to provide the best care. We are concerned about your privacy, your comfort and your safety.  Our staff, doctors and nurses are here for you.

Photo: Our Premier Mark McGowan getting Covid-19 vaccinated (but not at Floreat Medical)

Credit: West Australian Newspapers