Coping during Covid-19 times

Corona virus - Floreat Medical

The world is not the same since the coronavirus pandemic. All facets of society have been changed and challenged by the new social distancing, border closures and isolation rules. Mental health issues have spiked highlighting more than ever the need for us all to develop resilience and take a practical approach to how we deal with Covid-19.

Beyond Blue suggests a number of these practical solutions to ease your fears. See the website information here.

Researchers at Curtin University (see the website) have developed a self-help guide. Their aim is to provide an easy to read pamphlet with ideas from experts to improve mental health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Access this self-help CBT guide here.

At Floreat Medical we have adapted to COVID-19 and feel we have a safe and welcoming environment which incorporates high hygiene standards, social distancing and careful screening of patients coming to the practice.

Book an appointment with your doctor to discuss any mental health concerns. We recommend a double appointment – 30 minutes – to allow time for a conversation about how you are feeling and discussions around treatment options or careplanning.