Commercial & Recreational Medicals

Floreat Medical caters to all Employers including Corporations, Government Bodies and Small Business. We offer a timely and professional service for all ranges of commercial work including work place injury assessment, treatment and management of return to work programs, pre-employment medicals and comprehensive travel medicine advice including Yellow Fever vaccinations.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is the governing body regulating medical fitness to fly. Dr Kent Morison is a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner.

Make an appointment today for your aviation fitness examination with Dr Kent Morison.

If you are required to undergo a driving medical prior to your renewal of your driver’s licence then you will need to undergo a Medical assessment with your usual doctor. As the examination may take longer than a routine consultation, you should advise you when you are booking at Floreat Medical that the appointment is for a driving medical assessment.

Your doctor will usually forward the completed medical assessment form directly to the Department of Transport. Once all the documentation has been received, the Department of Transport will make a determination about your fitness to hold a driver's licence and advise you of the outcome.

In Western Australia, once you reach the age of 80 you need to undergo an annual medical assessment before you can renew your driver's licence.

Drivers aged 85 years and older are no longer required to undertake a mandatory driving test before renewing their car driver’s licence unless recommended to do so by your doctor. This change is based on research into driver behaviour which indicated that older drivers did not pose an unacceptable risk.

Corporations, Employment Agencies and Employers are welcome to contact Floreat Medical to arrange pre-employment medicals, including:

• Audiometry (base line hearing test)
• Spirometry (lung function test)
• Drug and alcohol testing (laboratory).

We can use your paperwork, tailored to your corporate requirements or a specific working environment, or we can provide proforma paperwork for completion by employee and doctor.

Dr Kent Morison is a general practitioner who has had the approved training to medically examine recreational divers.

The Dive Medical is basically an assessment of the ability of the person to survive unexpected underwater or on-surface emergencies, and the risk of death, unconsciousness, impaired judgement, disorientation, impaired mobility, or decompression sickness that may be associated with diving with a particular condition or disorder.

The consultation will include a general examination, assessing overall physical fitness. A urine test will also be carried out to detect previously undiagnosed conditions including diabetes and pregnancy. Any conditions highlighted as a result of the questionnaire or examination will also be clinically assessed in terms of the risk that they pose to the diver. Consideration of current medications is particularly important in terms of decompression sickness risk, nitrogen narcosis, and the cardiovascular, respiratory or neurological side-effect risks associated with the medications being used in underwater and compressed air environments.

Cost: Ask our receptionists for a quote for the cost of the Diving Medical. The consultation cannot be claimed under Medicare.

An injury that occurs at work or as a consequence or work can be a complex issue. Your GP at Floreat Medical will assist you in every aspect of injury recovery to make sure that you feel confident and able to return to work. From first medical assessment through the referral and management phases where required, to medical reports, the doctors at Floreat are there to be part of your recovery.

Your medical costs for work place injuries are covered by your employer’s Workers Compensation Insurance. By law, employers are required to have a current workers’ compensation insurance policy covering all of their workers and a documented injury management system for their workplace. Advise your employer of your injury and ask them to contact Floreat Medical for management of your case. A Injury Case Manager may accompany you to your appointment and may be requested to be present in some consultations if it is necessary to discuss alternative duties at your work place during your rehabilitation period.

At each consultation your GP will issue a WorkCover Certificate of Capacity which will inform your employer of your required time off work, or preferably continued work at alternative duties as evidence shows a quick return to work, and of your proposed treatment plan (which may include allied health workers and specialist referrals). You are entitled to a copy of this document but the original (together with your consultation invoice) must be passed on to your employer as part of the insurance claim process.

For information on the workers compensation process see WorkCover

Travel is regular and routine in most peoples’ lives these days. When you travel you want to have security that you are not putting yourself or those around you at risk of picking up an infectious disease overseas. Many countries have unique diseases, such as yellow fever, that require the travel to provide proof of immunisation before entry and then return to Australia.

Floreat Medical is a registered Yellow Fever immunisation provider.

We can provide travel advice and immunisation for anywhere in the world. If your Australian immunisation status is complete and up to date, you have a good start on being protected on overseas journeys. Many of our near neighbours will at times have outbreaks of disease such measles or polio. We will be aware of current alerts and make sure you are safe and protected before you go on your journey.

Specific countries, areas and regions will have specific recommendations and requirements. We can plan your pre travel immunisation plan so that it is completed before you leave. Book an appointment to discuss your needs about 6 months before your planned trip if possible. We can have available or access all vaccines that you may require.

Malarial prophylaxis specific to different regions, advice on prevention and management of travellers diarrhoea, influenza immunisation, altitude sickness prevention and management; Floreat Medical can assist in your preparations for travel and keep you safe. We keep up with the latest information to ensure that you are current in your protection.

Australian Clinical Laboratories have a Phlebotomist on-site at Floreat Medical. This provides a convenient and efficient service for patients to have blood and screening tests conducted immediately after your appointment with one of our doctors or at a time that is convenient for you.

For our very sick or elderly patients, ACL provide a home service where specimens can be collected from the patient in their own homes or places of residence.