Immunisations Injections & Infusions

Immunisations Injections & Infusions

Immunisation has saved and protected countless lives. We work with parents to make sure your child is protected every step of the way. Our nurses are trained and skilled in the Childhood Immunisations Schedule. We record immunisations in the practice, on the national Australian Immunisation Register We will put in place and provide recalls to help you keep you and your child safe on the immunisation track. We keep up to date with the latest Department of Health Advisories and we put in place a quality and safety driven vaccine and immunisation program.

In order to keep the community safe from infectious diseases, we must keep up the percentage of the community that is immunised. We and our children are still at risk of measles, polio, chicken pox, mumps, rubella (German Measles), whooping cough, meningococcal disease and other infectious diseases. Floreat Medical takes particular care to deliver the right vaccine in the right environment, and talk to you about vaccinations. Safe Influenza vaccination for your children is important. We are committed to keeping your children safe and minimising illness from infectious diseases where possible.

We are here to help with those who may need to catch up on their immunisation status due to overseas transfer to Australia, a lapse in the timing of immunisation or any other time when you or your family need help. The nursing team at Floreat Medical are committed to helping you achieve the best protection for your family. They are trained and skilled in immunisation and are very good with children and parents.

We encourage and will support you to keep your child’s immunisations up to date. Protecting the children is essential.

We cannot stress the importance of vaccines for children and encourage you to visit our medical practice for assistance. Contact us today to book a consultation.

For information on immunisation:
Department of Health (WA) Healthy WA
Immunisation Australia
Chain of Protection
Meningococcal ACWY vaccine
For information on your child’s immunisation history go to:
Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (AIR)

Adult immunisations are very important to protect your own health and wellbeing, those around you in the environment you are working in and your families. Maintaining adult immunisation helps to protect newborn babies and children by lowering the incidence of immunisation preventable disease in the community.

Floreat Medical has the complete range of adult vaccinations readily available.
During Pregnancy immunisation for influenza and rubella helps to protect the newborn baby.
Adults may be recommended to receive certain vaccinations if they are at increased risk of disease due to factors such as age, occupation, personal behaviours or medical conditions.

Some recommended vaccines are funded through the National Immunisation Program (NIP), state and territory programs or through the workplaces for certain groups, and the vaccines can be purchased privately by prescription.

National Immunisation Program
Department of Health (WA) Healthy WA

Currently, seasonal influenza vaccine, pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine and zoster (shingles) vaccine are funded for eligible adults under the NIP. Zoster vaccine was introduced to the NIP in November 2016 for adults aged 70 years, with a catch-up program for those aged 71–79 years funded until October 2021. As it is a live attenuated vaccine, zoster vaccine is generally contraindicated in people who are immunocompromised.

It is important that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) status is noted during the consultation as the indications and eligibility for NIP-funded vaccines for Indigenous people are different to those or non-Indigenous people.

Pneumococcal vaccination is also available.

Anaemia is when there are too few red blood cells or not enough haemoglobin in the blood. Vitamin B12-deficiency anaemia is caused when there isn’t enough vitamin B12 in the body. You need vitamin B12 for many important body processes, particularly for making red blood cells and keeping your nerves healthy. Your GP will first try to identify why you're deficient in vitamin B12 so that the cause can be treated.

Vitamin B12-deficiency anaemia is usually treated with vitamin B12 supplementation. This will begin with a course of injections, for example, once a week for six weeks. It is important to advise reception to book you with the nurse as well as your GP for these injection sessions. Vitamin B12 injections can sometimes cause bruising and soreness at the site of injection. Other side-effects include feeling sick, headaches and dizziness, but these are rare.

Your GP will monitor you to check that your treatment is working. Shortly after you start, you’ll be asked to have a blood test to check that it's starting to have a beneficial effect. You’ll then need another blood test after about eight weeks to confirm that your haemoglobin and red blood cell levels have returned to normal.

Travel is regular and routine in most peoples’ lives these days. When you travel you want to have security that you are not putting yourself or those around you at risk of picking up an infectious disease overseas. Many countries have unique diseases, such as yellow fever, that require the travel to provide proof of immunisation before entry and then return to Australia.
Floreat Medical is a registered Yellow Fever immunisation provider.

We can provide travel advice and immunisation for anywhere in the world. If your Australian immunisation status is complete and up to date, you have a good start on being protected on overseas journeys. Many of our near neighbours will at times have outbreaks of disease such measles or polio. We will be aware of current alerts and make sure you are safe and protected before you go on your journey.

Specific countries, areas and regions will have specific recommendations and requirements. We can plan your pre travel immunisation plan so that it is completed before you leave. Book an appointment to discuss your needs about 6 months before your planned trip if possible. We can have available or access all vaccines that you may require.

Malarial prophylaxis specific to different regions, advice on prevention and management of travellers’ diarrhoea, influenza immunisation, altitude sickness prevention and management; Floreat Medical can assist in your preparations for travel and keep you safe. We keep up with the latest information to ensure that you are currently in your protection. Contact us