TeleHealth Support

This is your secure and safe way to have a confidential video consultation with your doctor from your computer or laptop at home.


Received an Email?

Your Doctor would have sent you an email notifying you of the time and date of the telehealth conference call. Please ensure you acknowledge the call by clicking Yes.


Get ready

It is advisable you join the telehealth conference call 5 minutes in advance. Refer to the original email the Doctor sent and click on Join Microsoft Teams Meeting.



No need to download the App!

The telehealth conference will launch in your web browser. Please click on Join on web instead



Show your face and get the sound working

You may be prompted to allow access to your webcam and microphone. Click Allow



Join Now

Enter your full name and click Join now.  The Doctor will enter the telehealth conference soon.



The Consultation

TeleHealth Video Consultations allow you to discuss with your doctor all and any of your health concerns. You can ask about test results, prescriptions, referrals to specialists, pathology tests, radiology forms, and almost anything else too. If a presentation at the practice is needed for examination or for nursing services such as immunisation or wound dressings, then discuss this with your doctor. Arrangements for a follow up Face-to-Face appointment can be made with the receptionist after your video consultation by telephoning 9387 6000.


Hang up

End the call by clicking on the red telephone – or your doctor may disconnect first and the screen will disappear.


All done.

If you are experiencing technical problems and these instructions are not helping then please telephone Floreat Medical on 9387 6000 and we will try to get things working for you. If all else fails, we can always put you through to your doctor on the phone – no problem. 